"Heavy" is a song from Delta Goodrem's fifth studio album "Wings Of The Wild". It was co-written with Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson. The song was confirmed to be on the album in a Vogue interview.

Music video Edit

On November 10, Delta posted the official music video for the song to her Facebook page. It is speculated to have been posted earlier than planned after screenshots were leaked on Twitter. The video features Delta sitting in one spot in front of a brick wall singing the song. It was directed by Matt Sharp, who she had previously worked with on her "Enough" music video. The video was uploaded to Vevo on December 9 and as of 26 March, 2017, has over 300,000 views.[1] The video was uploaded to iTunes the same day and quickly went to number one on the Australian and UK iTunes video charts.[2][3]

#HeavyBreakdown Edit

Shortly after the album's released, Goodrem challenged her Twitter followers to record their version of the fast breakdown and tweet them to her. In August 2016, she posted a compilation.

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